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Mug Club Membership

11.8.12 /

So you want to join the party, do ya? Over 2500 screaming Revolutionaries couldn't be wrong! $25 for the first year, with option for annual renewal for only $15. Sign up at the brewpub or Kedzie tap room today!

Membership Perks Include:
· First half-gallon growler on the house (not applicable with renewal)
· Drink from a 20 oz., members-only Party Mug
· Buy 9 growlers to go and get the next one free
· 20% off on all Revolution Brewing merchandise
· Invitation to seasonal beer tapping events
· Celebratory beer on your birthday
· Party Members must present their card to receive benefits
· Only beers under 7.% abv. Are served in Party Mugs
· Policies are subject to change.

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