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Event Calendar

January / 2013


Chicago Literary Night with City Lit Books


Join us i the Brewers' Lounge as we team up again with our neighbor City Lit Books on Tuesday, January 15 to present you with a Chicago Literary Night. You'll be treated to readings from three remarkable Chicago authors, Kathryn Born, Joseph G. Peterson, and Raymond Richard. Whether as a vibrant backdrop or an unforgettable character, each author uses  Chicago as a rich and compelling part of their storytelling. 

The Blue Kind
by Kathryn Born

The Book:  Drugs and drug culture are a big factor as this mind-bender of a novel unfolds and the narrator Alison finds herself to be female collateral, a chain in the link to the next drug deal. A cosmic blend of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and William S. Burroughs' The Soft Machine, first novelist Born creates what Booklist calls "a strikingly atmospheric, suspenseful, imaginative, and compassionate novel."

The Author: Born and raised in Chicago, Kathryn Born is a writer, artist and filmmaker. She founded Chicago Art Magazine in 2009, along with other publications about technology and film. She is co-editor of The Essential New Art Examiner (NIU Press, 2011.)

Inside the Whale: A Novel in Verse
by Joseph G. Peterson

The Book: "Written entirely in verse, Peterson's second book (after Beautiful Piece) follows Irishman Jim O'Connor, an aspiring poet and successful alcoholic, as he moves disastrously through life in modern Chicago. In addition to Peterson's narrative, plenty of Jim's 'actual' poems appear throughout, facilitating an effortless shifting between third and first person accounts of the drunken bard's exploits. "
---Publisher's Weekly

The Author: Joseph G. Peterson is the author of Beautiful Piece, a critically acclaimed novel. His new novel, Wanted: Elevator Man, was published by Switchgrass Books in 2012.

Book of Raymond: A Journey from Prison to Praise and Poetry
by Raymond Richard

The Book: Raymond Richard has been to the big-house, lived in poverty on the streets of Chicago, and took to crime and drugs to survive. His poetry is electrifying, terrifying, and awe-inspiring. It literally crackles off the page. He has put his life back together against almost insurmountable odds. He's back to tell his story in poems that are honest, heartbreaking and tender.

The Author: Raymond Richard lives in Chicago and he has devoted his life to helping men and women put their lives back together after incarceration. He has founded Returning Citizens, a nonprofit organization that empowers former prisoners though job training, literature, and the power of the spoken word.

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