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Event Calendar

February / 2013


Ode to Our Roots Vegan Beer Dinner - Tuesday, February 26th


Sous Chef Jeremiah Price has created yet another vegan masterpiece that will have even the bloodiest of meat eaters foaming at the mouth. In "Ode to Our Roots", Price takes us on a tour of some of the most celebrated dirt dwellers in the vegetable kingdom. This five course meal, complete with an amuse and perfectly paired beers, is sure to satisfy and satiate. Tickets are $75 and inclusive of tax and tip.  Get your tickets here!

Amuse - Ode to the Roots
Celery root chip, red onion puree, chipotle and banylus wine pickled cauliflower, parsnip chip

1st course - Celery
Ponzu marinated locus root, celery root spiced slaw, celery leaves
Welcome Beer: A Little Crazy

2nd course  - Onion
Fried red onion, roasted cipollini onion and oyster mushroom broth, basil
Beer: Repo Man Rye Stout

3rd course - Cauliflower
“Tofu sphere” with a creamy cauliflower and mushroom casserole, salted powder sugar
Beer: Ivan’s ESB

4th course - Parsnip
Wild rice and barley risotto, smoked parsnips cream, beet greens, beet foam
Beer: Winter Woman Imperial American Brown

5th course - Ginger
Banana & mango cream pie, ginger granita
Beer: Moby (The Great White Ale) Imperial Wit

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