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Freedom of Speach

Freedom of Speach

Kettle Sour with Peach

This “Kettle Sour” beer was made slightly differently from the LacToThe Future, in that it was made with nonfat plain Greek yogurt to the Kettle, instead of with the addition of Lactobacillus in the wort. The Lacto strains in the yogurt work in the same fashion, however, and as the wort sits in the kettle during a 24hr period, the ‘Lacto’ eats some of the sugars and produces the lactic acid, which in turn imparts the tart character to the beer. 

After that, we boil the wort to kill all the Lacto (so that we don’t infect our brewery) and added peach concentrate to the FV. We pitched a Saison yeast this time around to get additional fruitiness from  the esters produced during the main fermentation of the beer… Peach was then added again to give some sweetness to the brew to counteract the acidity, without making it overly sweet .  

Alc. by vol. – 4.3% 

Bitterness - 7 IBUs 


Limited Release

  • Draft
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