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The Tap Room will be closed on Fri, 3/2 and Sun, 4/1.

We only serve beer at our tap room, but you're welcome to bring your own food. Email us for group reservations.


3340 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


Freedom of Speach and Apiator Release

Date – March 14 Location — Brewpub, Tap Room  /  Chicago, IL
Time – All Day



On Wednesday, March 14, Freedom of Speach will be released at the Brewpub and Tap Room. This Peach Kettle Sour was made with Greek yogurt, peach concentrate, and our house Ale yeast strain. The Lacto strains in the yogurt eat some of the sugars to produce a tart character, which balances the peach sweetness.

ABV: 4.4% Draft only.

Apiator, a Blonde Honey Doppelbock that has moderate bitterness, mixed with a high ABV. Pronounced but balanced fresh honey flavor and aroma balance the malt sweetness and light floral and citrus aromatics. The name comes from “Apiary”, a place where beehives are kept, and “-ator”, the classic naming scheme for the Doppelbock style.

ABV: 8.7%. Draft only.