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Mon-Sun / Closed


2323 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647


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Sun-Sat / 12-7pm (Curbside only)

For Curbside questions/pickup, please call 773-649-5066 or email


3340 N. Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


Hero IPAs

The Revolution is built by Heroes, and ours are here for you whether you’re looking for something classic, hazy, or easy.

DDH Heroes

The Heroes you know and love, super-powered with double dry hopped might.

League of Heroes®

A rotating series of Heroes on a continuing mission of hop exploration. Each 12-pack features Anti-Hero commanding three innovative hop-focused IPAs, with a new debut in every issue.

City Series

Our fresh takes on the classics, standing tall and nodding to neighborhood and history. Raise a glass to home.


Our lightest offerings are brewed for refreshment – naturally soured, with the clean, bright flavors of real fruit. Exercise your freedom!


These are beers made for the moment, whether that’s a hot summer day on the porch, a brisk Fall evening at the grill, or celebrating the Fistmas season with family and friends. Get these brews while they’re here.

Small Batch

Our smallest batches – the ones that let us collaborate with new friends, try new innovations, or offer something one-of-a-kind to our biggest fans.

Deep Wood Series

The Deep Wood Series shows off the interplay between wooden barrels and the liquid they hold. Seasonal temperature changes in our brewery send the beer in and out of the wood, exchanging flavors and developing rich character that allows you to taste the history of the barrel.

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