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Blonde Honey Bock

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A strong pale lager brewed with German malts, old-world hops, and a hefty dose of local honey from Kallas Honey Farm in Wisconsin. Vienna and Pilsner base malts combine with Munich and Pale Wheat to provide a full-bodied beer with classic bready, malty-sweet flavors and aromatics. Saaz and Saphir hops lend a subtly floral and citrusy noble aromatic. Honey was added in two stages; first added directly into the whirlpool, and then pasteurized in our kitchen ovens before being added directly to the fermenter. Low-temperature pasteurization preserves aroma and flavor-active volatiles we sought to showcase. Being highly fermentable, honey provides flavor and aroma rather than residual sweetness, which comes entirely from the malt. The end result is a classic low/medium-bitterness, high ABV, German-style pale lager with a pronounced but balanced fresh honey flavor and aroma. The name comes from “Apiary”, a place where beehives are kept, and “-ator”, the classic naming scheme for the Doppelbock style. See what we did there?

Alc. by vol. – 8.7%

Bitterness - 25 IBUs


Limited Release

  • Draft