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3340 N. Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


Bionic Commando

Double IPA

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We decided to keep it simple with this brew- we used a blend of 2row and Pilsner malts for the grist. Its golden hue comes from an extended boil to get a higher starting gravity; and just 2 classic American hop varieties- Cascade and Centennial- for the flavor and aroma of this tasty beast of an IPA. A unique aspect to this brew is that we used the lauter tun as a hopback, and ran our wort through 47# of WHOLE Cascade and Centennial hops before we cooled into the fermenter (FV). We then did 2 dry-hop additions in the FV- one at fermentation temperature, and one when it had been crashed to 33’F. We only used <2#/bbl for our dry-hop, though, as we didn’t want to mask the delicious whole hop character. The end result is an intense blend of citrus, floral, and fresh pine flavors.

Alc. by vol. – 9.5%

Bitterness - 80 IBUs


Limited Release

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