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3340 N. Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


Very Special Old (VSOD) and Ryeway to Heaven Release Party at the Kedzie Tap Room & Production Facility

Date – December 8 Location — Tap Room  /  Chicago, IL
Time – 5-11pm



Revolution Brewing is continuing this year’s Deep Wood Series with Very Special Old Deth (VSOD) & Ryeway to Heaven in 4‑packs of 12oz cans. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a release party at the Kedzie Tap Room on Friday December 8th at 4:00pm, where we’ll be tapping additional VSOD & Ryeway variants.

Packaged Sales will take place separate from the party, in our shipping and receiving department (3350 N. Kedzie Ave).


VSOD 4‑Pack: $30.00 + tax (Limit 4 Per Person)
Ryeway to Heaven 4‑Pack: $25.00 + tax (Limit 4 Per Person)
Deth’s Tar 4‑Pack: $25.00 + tax (No Limit)
Café Deth 4‑Pack: $30.00 + tax (No Limit)


In addition to the featured beers, VSOD & Ryeway to Heaven, we’ll be pouring the following draft-only beers for the party:

  • SINGLE BARREL VSOD — WOODFORD RESERVE / 13.5% ABV — Our classic barrel, the one to which all others are compared, has a wonderful balance of oak & spirit with a smooth finish.
  • SINGLE BARREL VSOD — OLD FORESTER / 13.8% ABV — This barrel leans towards spirit, but has enough oak presence to keep it from being overly strong.
  • SINGLE BARREL VSOD — WOODFORD RYE / 14.0% ABV — Rye whiskey provides a spicier flavor than sweeter corn-based bourbons. This barrel has a rich oak profile which pairs beautifully with a perceived dryness from the spirit.
  • RESERVE BARREL VSOD / 13.0% ABV — At the end of each barrel filling day we wind up with one barrel that isn’t quite full. Topped-off with Straight Jacket, this barrel is smooth & sweet with a delicate chocolate flavor & aroma. 
  • NITRO RYEWAY TO HEAVEN / 13.0% ABV - A classic preparation of our beloved Ryewine, this one-of-a-kind keg is uber full-bodied, complex, and smoother than Han Solo at a Hall & Oates concert. 

Additional options on draft include: Deth’s Tar, Cafe Deth, Rev Pils, Fist City & Fistmas.

All credit card terminals will be used at the packaged beer sales. As a result, draft pours at the party will be CASH ONLY at the following prices:

  • 5oz Barrel-Aged Beers, including variants: $6.00
  • 16oz Non-Barrel-Aged Pints: $6.00



VSODBarrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout - 13.4% ABV — For those of discerning taste, this blend of specially selected Deth’s Tar Imperial Oatmeal Stout barrels, each aged a full two years, is a showcase of barrel character. Very Special Old Deth” demonstrates the flavors and aromatics which can only be achieved through extended barrel aging and obsessive TLC. Enjoy now with pinkies extended or store cold.

RYEWAY TO HEAVEN - Rye Barleywine Ale Aged in Rye Barrels - 13.0% — Brewed with over 60% rye, this limited production rye ale has a seductively ample body which suggests sweetness while retaining a dry finish. Aged 12 months in American Rye Whiskey barrels, this Ryewine” as we call it, is wholly unique in its malt and barrel-derived complexities.