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A Warming Winter in the Deep Wood

Introducing the Fall/Winter lineup for the 2021–22 Deep Wood Series

We've been fortunate enough in recent years to make more frequent journeys into the Deep Wood, to the point that around the brewery, we refer to "Deep Wood season" less and less. We've introduced some compelling new finds (Thundertaker, Mixed Berry Ryeway, Supermassive Café Deth) and revisited some of our favorites (V.S.O.J., Strawberry Jacket) during decidedly shorts-weather months. When you have a team like ours, with a never-ending list of innovative projects they want to bear the Deep Wood name, you go calendar-agnostic. Except ...

As much as we covet our limited days in the sun and on the lakefront, we have a persistent low-level longing for those days when the sidewalks are salted, the chill creeps in, and a generous pour of something thick, boozy, and laden with oak makes your whole world perfect for the duration of the glass. The Scandinavians probably have a word for it. We just call it Deep Wood vibes, and we're going to spend October through January serving that feeling up to our loyal fans.

If the scene feels familiar, know that the lineup has some surprises in store. The things we've learned through our barrel program have taken deep root and spread wide, with each of our teams using the benefit of institutional barrel-aging wisdom to turn out old favorites and new brews in their most compelling forms. We've added talented people. We've refined processes. And we're trying new and playful spins on our approach with a depth of understanding that we just didn't have in previous years.

Two debuts this year are joining the program as former draft variants that excited us under different names – one a rich, sweet stout named for the quiet, contemplative moments we encountered over the last year-plus, the other a joyful, double-barreled purple concoction that reaches a level of laser-guided balance you won't believe. The excited check-ins, the fast keg kicks, the comments about how you wish we'd just can THAT beer? We listen to all of that. It just takes us a little time to give something the full Deep Wood experience and ensure that it's as excellent as we'd picture in our heads. And that's just a small peek at how we've been preparing to welcome you back to the Taproom this Fall.

Let's hang on to this summer for all it's worth. But in a few months, it'll be time to grab a clean glass, start a fire, and clear an afternoon for a winding journey back into the wood.

October 15-17

November 19-21

December 10-12

January 28-30

A Fresh Look and a New Home for Deth’s Tar

The October-January slate of releases will be the last for our familiar Deep Wood Series can designs. This past year, we've given each of our beers a fresh new look with the exception of the Deep Wood Series, but those will be completing the changeover in 2022. You'll get the first taste of the new direction this year with Deth's Tar. And we're introducing a new format to unveil it for the first time.

Along with our usual four-packs of 12-ounce cans, we'll be introducing a new 19.2-ounce single-serve can of Deth's Tar this October. We're looking to bring our Barrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout to more occasions and believe this new format is a great way to accomplish that. Use them to sample before committing to a four-pack, or commemorate a special occasion with a group of friends.

The 19.2-ounce cans won't replace four-packs. They're just another way to share and enjoy Deep Wood Series beers.


Will these beers be distributed?

Deth's Tar, Café Deth, Straight Jacket, Vanilla Deth, Ryeway to Heaven, and Maple Jacket will get some distribution. The rest of the releases will only be available at the brewery.

Will you be doing preview parties again?

Yes, we'll have draft-only preview parties the night before each of the releases over this four-month period.

Will these beers sell via online preorders?


Will you allow proxy pickups?


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