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Ale Product Withdrawal — 10/17/2016


To Our Valued Rev Brew Fans,

Revolution Brewing is issuing a product withdrawal of batches of beers produced with our house ale yeast that do not meet our brand specifications for taste and flavor. Affected brands include Anti Hero IPA, Fist City Pale Ale, Cross of Gold Ale, Mosaic Hero IPA, Eugene Porter, and Unsessionable Imperial IPA. Please note, there are no health or safety risks involved with the consumption of this beer. This is strictly a quality issue. 

The affected beers exhibit ester or phenolic flavors, which are more characteristic of Belgian-style ales, and which should not be present in our standard American ales. We believe these off-flavors were produced by a wild yeast that has gotten worse over time and was not identified in time by our quality control methods. Our brewing team has re-propagated our house ale yeast, and all beer now being packaged at the brewery meets our standards for taste and flavor.

To ensure the overall quality of our beers, Revolution is in the process of removing all questionable beer from our system, including the destruction of identified beers at our brewery, removal of these brews from our distributors’ warehouses, and return of the beer from retail locations. With fresh beer being packaged starting this week, our distribution network will begin working to replace beer immediately. The affected batches have the following package dates (found on the bottom of cans, on the labels of bottles, and printed on kegs):

Anti Hero IPA 8−5−16 to 10−11−16
Fist City Pale Ale 8−11−16 to 9−26−16
Cross of Gold Ale 8−23−16
Mosaic Hero IPA 8−16−16 to 9−8−16
Eugene Porter 8−3−16 to 10−6−16
Unsessionable Imperial IPA 9−27−16 to 10−7−16

Please note, this situation does not affect our Oktoberfest, Rev Pils, Citra Hero, Rosa Hibiscus Ale, and Bottom Up Wit beers.

Revolution maintains high standards for quality and integrity in our beers and these affected batches unfortunately do not meet those standards. Our goal is to always to have the freshest, best quality beer for you to enjoy. Consumers who are in possession of the affected batches of Revolution Beer can exchange it for fresh beer only at the Revolution Tap Room (3340 N. Kedzie in Chicago). 

Please contact us at with any other questions or comments.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for Revolution beer drinkers. Thank you to all the Revolution fans who have helped us identify this issue with our beers, and thanks to everyone for your support.

Joshua Deth Jim Cibak
Chairman of the Party Brewmaster