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3340 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


Call Me Ishmael, Bionic Commando, and Ghost Ride Release

Date – January 17 Location — Brewpub, Tap Room  /  Chicago, IL
Time – All Day



We have a triple beer release on Wednesday, January 17.

First up, Call Me Ishmael, is a new Gin Barrel-Aged Wild Imperial Wit with Raspberry will be released at the Kedzie Tap Room. We blended our Queequeg’s Coffin (Moby Wit, aged 14 months in FEW gin barrels) with one of our kettle sours, and added red raspberry. An interesting blend of Gin spice, wood, and Belgian yeast complexity meet with tart acidity and fruit sweetness to balance it all out.

Draft only. ABV: 9.9%

Next up we have Bionic Commando. This Imperial IPA is bursting with flavor due to running the wort through 47lbs of whole Cascade & Centennial hops before cooling. The end result is an intense blend of citrus, floral, and fresh pine flavors, with a beautiful golden hue.

Draft only. ABV: 9.5%

Lastly, Ghost Ride. Dry, effervescent, light colored and bodied, this Kolsch-style beer is fermented at ale temperatures, while the month long lagering keeps the fruity esters minimal.

Draft only. ABV: 5.7%